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📱 v1.0.66 - Copied Items Are Highlighted for Review

Paul King
February 21, 2022

In v1.0.66 of the mobile app, copied items are highlighted for review, making it easier to methodically work through them and make changes.

We now highlight copied items

Copying Multiple Inspection Items is one of the most powerful features of Flow Mobile Surveying. It's arguably the best time-saving feature when surveying a building with similar rooms.

But after copying multiple items, many of you found it hard to work through the copied items methodically and make changes, because you couldn't see which items had already been checked.

v1.0.66 enhances the copy functionality by highlighting recently copied items for review, improving your day-to-day mobile app experience. It's a great feature for sanity checking work and carrying out re-inspections.

Highlighting helps you review copied data 😃

In older versions of the mobile app, copied inspection items looked the same as the original items. So it was easy to get lost.

In v1.0.66 of the mobile app, we highlight copied inspection items in red, indicating that some further action is needed (in this case, just to check the item over and make sure its ok)

The red highlighting means you can methodically work through copied items, removing the highlighting as you go – to ensure the new data is correct for each one. Awesome!

Save items to remove the highlighting

After copying an inspection item, the mobile app will highlight any new items in red. This highlighting will stick around, even if you close and re-open the mobile app.

To remove the highlighting, you'll need to save each newly created inspection item, indicating that you've checked the data and are happy with any changes.

Copying reports has improved, too

When you Copy a Report, we now highlight inspection items on the newly created report in red until you've resaved them, neat!

An example of when this comes in handy is during an asbestos survey re-inspection. Using this new feature, you can systematically work through the previous inspection points when you're on-site. I know this will be a gamer changer for many of our clients.

Inspection items are highlighted in red when you copy a report

Ready to upgrade to v1.0.66?

V1.0.66 is now available for download on the Google Play Store and Apple IOS Store. To download this latest version of the mobile app, follow the instructions below.

Update your Flow Mobile Surveying app

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