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When re-inspecting a property, you won't want to create the report from scratch. In these cases, you can copy a previous survey report to save time.

What happens when you copy a report?

  • The original report remains untouched.
  • An identical copy of the report is created in the destination job.
  • The history of the report is maintained.
  • All items on the new report are Highlighted for Review.

How to copy a report

1. Log in to the Dashboard.

2. Navigate to the report you want to copy.

3. Click the Copy Report icon (this will add the report to your clipboard).

4. Navigate to the destination job.

Note: Do NOT click the Add Report button

5. Open the clipboard.

6. Click Copy Here.

Copy a report
Use the Clipboard to copy a report into the destination job.
Note: This copies the entire report to a different job. Information on merging data from one report into another can be found here.

The Report Timeline

1. Within any copied report, click the 'Report Timeline' button.

2. The history of the report is shown — including where the report was copied from and has been copied to.

3. From the timeline you can navigate to the original job or report.

View the Report Timeline
View the report timeline to see the original report.
Note: The Report Timeline button will only be visible if the report has been copied (or moved) to or from another job.


  • Use 'Copy Report' to create an exact copy of a report and leave the original report untouched.
  • This is a time-saving feature to prevent you from having to re-enter data onto a similar report.