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📱 v.1.0.77 - ⚡ Quick Fills and Photo Timestamps

Paul King
December 8, 2022

In v.1.0.77 of the mobile app, we've introduced a time-saving feature called Quick Fills that allow you to complete multiple fields rapidly on a form.

And it's also possible to overlay timestamps on your photographs, showing when they were added to the inspection record.

Quick Fills

Quick Fills let you rapidly enter form data in situations where you find yourself repeating the same data again and again.

Quick Fill options on the mobile app

One example of where Quick Fills can save you time is when carrying out an asbestos survey on-site.

During an asbestos survey, you start by recording the material you're inspecting. Then you input the risk scores – Product Type and Surface Treatment – which tend to be the same for a given material.

So in this situation, wouldn't it be great if you could input the material and default risk scoring all at once? With Quick Fills, you can do precisely that!

Advantages of Quick Fills

  • Save time - Rather than entering data manually, use a Quick Fill to populate lots of form fields all at once.
  • Keep your data consistent - Inputting data from a Quick Fill helps to keep report data like comments and recommendations consistent across your team.
  • Reduce human errors - If you configure your Quick Fills with sensible defaults, you'll reduce human errors and improve the overall quality of your reports.

Learn more about Quick Fills

Note: Quick Fills are only available on templates that have been specially configured by the Flow team. We can create Quick Fills on request for you. In the future, you'll be able to create and manage your own Quick Fills via the dashboard.

Timestamps on Photographs

We now capture the date and time you add photos to inspection records. So we can overlay this information on photographs within your reports.

Timestamp shown on a photograph

Sometimes it's helpful to know precisely when someone added a photograph during a survey – to show your client the sequence of events, or provide your accreditation provider with an accurate historical record.

An example is during an asbestos four-stage clearance. The HSE 248 Standard stipulates that the photographs you take should include the date and time details.

In v1.0.77 of the mobile app, we now capture the timestamp when you attach a photograph to an inspection item. So the Flow team can configure your reports to overlay this date and time information on your pictures.

Note: By default, your report photographs will not display timestamps. However, the Flow team can configure your reports to include these, on request.
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