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Mastering Flow Mobile

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IAQ Services is a UK-based ventilation hygiene consultancy. The company is run by a father-and-son team, Alan and Ian Gregory, who are both influential figures in the HVAC industry.

Since switching to Flow, Managing Director, Ian says that running his business is less stressful. The software paid for itself on day one, by letting Ian book in two extra jobs.

  • 75 jobs created / month
  • 30 minutes saved / job
  • 37.5 hours saved / month


Creating reports manually using Microsoft Word was taking hours.

Ian spent evenings and weekends creating reports. This involved copying and pasting images and duplicating data entry - and Ian wanted to find an alternative solution to improve his work-life balance.


IAQ Services chose Flow because of its speed and flexibility.

Ian worked with the Flow team to create reports to match his existing templates, providing input and industry insight during the development of his bespoke templates.

We created templates for Kitchen Extract Inspections, Fire Damper Maintenance, and Ventilation Hygiene Inspections.


  • 37.5 hours saved / month.
  • Reports can be issued to clients 4 days sooner.
  • High-quality, custom templates.


Switching from Microsoft Word to Flow Mobile Surveying has reduced Ian's report writing time by 30-minutes per report.

Less time writing reports has allowed IAQ Services to expand the business and spend more time on other profit-generating activities, such as training.