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Mastering Flow Mobile

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Using your phone or tablet all day takes a toll on your mobile device's battery. And mobile apps like Flow Mobile Surveying gobble up your battery faster. Hey, that's apps for you.

But there's plenty you can do to improve battery life. Follow these tips to extend your battery life so you can survey for longer.

General power saving tips

Let's start by looking at some general tips to extend the battery life of your mobile device:

Enable power saving mode

To extend your device's battery life, you can enable Power Saving / Low Power mode. This reduces performance and limits location and background services on the device, which take up power.

You'll need to follow your device manufacturer's guidance:

Turn the brightness down; use 'Auto-Brightness' if your device has this setting

A mobile device at minimum brightness uses 54% less power than a device at full brightness.

Most of the time, you won't need the brightness at 100%, so try turning it down to preserve your battery. Set your phone brightness to 'auto-brightness' if possible, this will automatically adjust the screens brightness based on the ambient light.

Turn off wireless when reception is poor. Try switching to Airplane Mode

If you're in a place with poor Wi-Fi or internet coverage, your phone battery drains more quickly. This is because your phone uses energy searching for a good signal and, if the signal is very weak, trying to get a better connection.

To preserve battery life, turn off wireless mode. You can use Airplane Mode to turn off all wireless features; a quick and easy solution in areas with poor reception.

The Flow Mobile Surveying app will work perfectly well offline, And you can sync data up later when you're back in the office.

Close any other apps

Do you have other apps running in the background?

Many apps are constantly sending and receiving data in the background. So it's a good idea to close any non-essential apps. Closing these apps will save power and speed Flow up, bonus!

Mobile App settings

Try tweaking the following settings within the Flow Mobile Surveying app to save power.

Switch to Dark mode

"Light" apps take up more power because they need your mobile device has to light up more of your screen.

Switching to Dark mode will save power and you may find it easier on the eyes too. Research says that switching to Dark mode from Light mode at 100% brightness saves an average of 39%-47% battery power

Turn media uploads off

Pausing media uploads prevents photos uploading in real-time. Whereas text will continue uploading as normal.

Uploading only text, not images, saves power by putting fewer demands on the Mobile App. And you can turn media uploads back on when you've charged your device.

Considered a portable charger?

If you're regularly experiencing issues with battery life, consider investing in a portable charger.

Keeping a handy portable charger nearby means that if your mobile device runs out, you'll be able to charge it right away.