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You'll regularly need to find jobs. Whether it's to check a previous report or carry out a re-inspection, our powerful search features will help you find the job you're looking for.

How to search for jobs

1. Log into the Dashboard.

2. Type your search query into the "Search" box on the jobs list.

3. Use the arrow keys to highlight the suggestion and tap 'Enter' or click the suggestion to complete the search.

The dashboard job search
Searching for jobs in the Dashboard

The job search is very powerful. It looks at the following fields:

  • Job ID
  • Client
  • Project
  • Site Address
  • Tags
  • Assigned Users
  • Notes

Search by date

You can use natural language to search for dates. Just start typing the date and it should be recognised.

Use natural language to find jobs for specific dates
Use natural language to find jobs for specific dates

Example date searches:

Exact date

Search: Exact date

Whole week

Search: Whole week

Whole month

Search: Whole month

Before a date

Search: Before a date

After a date

Search: After a date

Search by Tag

When you Tag jobs using helpful tags, searching them becomes much more powerful.

Searching by Tag
Sensible tagging increases the power of the jobs search.

Example Tag searches:

Note: For these searches to work, you must first create the relevant Tags and assign them to your jobs.

Urgent jobs

Urgent Tag

Overdue re-inspections

Overdue re-inspection Tag

Specific branches

Specific branch Tag

Finding exact matches

By default, the search will include typos and variants. But that's not always what you want. You can use precise searches to narrow down the search results:

  • Search with a phrase
    — Surround your search with "double quotes" to match that exact phrase.
  • Exclude words or phrases
    — Use a -minus before your word or phrase to exclude it.

Let's say we're trying to find a Job at the Clothes Market in London, here are some searches we might try:

  • Clothes Market
    — matches jobs at the Grainger Market, Cloth Market, Clothes Market, Market Street and our customer, The Cloth Merchant.
  • "Clothes Market"
    — shows jobs containing exactly Clothes Market. But we have addresses in Newcastle and London.
  • "Clothes Market" -Newcastle
    — shows jobs containing exactly Clothes Market in the address, but not those in Newcastle. Success!

More examples:

  • Fire Survey — matches Fire Survey, Fire Damper Survey, and other variations and typos.
  • Cafe 23 — matches the cafe and all dates in 2023.
  • "Cafe 23"  — matches exactly cafe 23.
  • "Fire Survey" — exactly Fire Survey.
  • -"Clothes Market" — excludes exactly Clothes Market.
  • Cafe -London -Newcastle — jobs containing cafe, excluding those in Newcastle and London.

Expanding the search beyond your current filters

If any search results are hidden because of the current filters, you'll be prompted to expand the search filters.

Expand your search beyond the current filters
You may be prompted to expand your search beyond the current filters.

Here, the user is first prompted to 'Search All Jobs'. And then to 'Search Archived Jobs'.

Resetting your search query

When you have an active search query, you'll see a 'Reset' button like the one shown below. Click this button to remove all filters and revert to the default view.

Resetting the job search
Resetting the job search