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In this guide, we'll explain how to split a single report into multiple reports.

When might you split reports?

You may want to split reports so you can issue smaller, distinct reports to clients. Or maybe the report is too long or the file size is too large, and you want to reduce the overall size of the reports.

Here are some common reasons to split a report:

  • You surveyed multiple buildings at once and want to create a separate report for each building.
  • You surveyed a large building – for example a block of flats – and want to create a report for each level.
  • You want to create a report for a specific range of assets.

How do you split a report?

1. Copy the report you want to split into a new or existing job.

Hint: Copy and "paste" the report as many times as required, this will depend on how many new reports you want to create.

2. Edit the newly reports in the Dashboard or Mobile App – delete any data and inspection records that you don't need.

Learn more about deleting inspection records from the Dashboard and Mobile App.