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The Audit is an advanced feature of Flow Mobile Surveying. It shows the changes made over time for a report, user, job, and other parts of the system.

The Full Audit —described in more detail in this article— is only available to admin users. Learn more about user permissions and assigning user permissions.

There's also an Inline Audit that everyone sees when navigating the dashboard. This "trimmed down" audit appears next to inspection items, and it simply shows who made the most recent change and when.

The inline audit shows who made changes to jobs or reports and when
The Inline Audit shows the most recent change.

How to view the Full Audit

You can view the full audit history for a document anywhere you see the following button:

The audit is available anywhere you see this button
Audit button

Only specific types of documents like reports are auditable. In future, we'll allow you to audit other types of documents too.

The audit history

The audit screen shows changes in the order that they were applied. The most recent changes are shown at the top.

The audit history shows who made changes and when

Understanding audit changes

The Full Audit history shown below is fairly technical looking (as it's not meant to be accessed regularly). But once you understand the colour coding, it should make more sense.

When you select an entry, it will show the changes before and after the change event:

  • Before changes - are shown on the left hand side.
  • After changes - are shown on the right hand side.
  • Red highlighting - indicates that something was deleted.
  • Green highlighting - indicates that something was created.

In the entry below, the user added an image to a Floor Plan Sketch within Attachments.

'Before' changes is shown on the LHS. '
After' changes is shown on the RHS.