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Writing reports by hand might be ok when you have one or two surveys. But manual reporting isn't cost/time efficient, and doesn't scale well as you grow.

As a general rule of thumb, it takes around 2-3 hours to write an average-sized asbestos survey report by hand. And this takes your highly skilled surveyors away from income-generating activities.

Modern reporting software like Flow Mobile Surveying lets you create the same report in minutes, meaning you get paid faster; it's a no-brainer!

Getting Started With Asbestos Reporting Software

Now that I've convinced you of the virtues of asbestos reporting software (it's an awesome time-saver, trust me), what should you look for when building, buying, or switching software?

  • Off-the-shelf or bespoke? For 99% of companies, you'll want to use an existing software product
    Unless you're a big company with lots of resources, the answer is almost certainly to use off-the-shelf software. Building software is fraught with peril and can cost hundreds of thousands of pounds. And even then, it's STILL a gamble (I know a company that spent £250k on software, and it was so universally disliked that no-one used it).
  • Considering asbestos reporting software? There's are some "must have" features; check out our guide
    There's plenty to consider when choosing software for your business. Does it have the templates and key features you need? Is it easy to use? Is it within your price range? Check out our Guide to Choosing Asbestos Survey Software. We've tried to keep it fairly unbiased – but of course, we're big fans of Flow Mobile Surveying. 😉
  • Should you switch asbestos reporting software? Maybe. It depends on the costs of NOT switching
    Complacency is one of the main reasons that well-established companies fade into irrelevance. Maybe your software was the market leader when you started using it. But what about now? Could it be slowing your growth without you realising it? The idea of switching asbestos reporting software can be daunting but, done right, it can raise your company to new heights.
  • Software needs to adapt to your style, not the other way around. So flexible report templates are a must
    I'm sure you spent lots of time building a report format that demonstrates your unique skills and experience. After all, your report is what your clients see, it differentiates you from everyone else. The good news is that using asbestos reporting software doesn't mean losing your report style.

Getting the Most Out of Your Software

Finding a suitable asbestos reporting app is just the start. Now its time to focus on getting the most out of the software by personalising your experience and gaining mastery of its time-saving features.

  • Personalise your workflows to match your processes; a consistent approach makes everything feel easier
    Think about the steps you take to complete a job. From the initial quote to the final invoice. Can you configure your software workflow so that it mirrors these real-life steps? If so, you'll be able to see the current status of any job, anytime.
  • Gain mastery of your software's time saving shortcuts, like copying rooms and reports
    Even the most experienced and hardcore Flow Mobile Surveying users don't know every shortcut within our software. And I'm sure the same is true for other products, too. You can save hours of work by gaining mastery of the lesser-known time-saving features within your technology. Check out your software's knowledgebase.
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