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Marketing 101

Marketing is about finding ways to lodge yourself in a potential client's mind, so when they think of "asbestos surveys", you're the first person they think of.

If you've taken a peek on LinkedIn recently, you'll realise the bar is very low for marketing in the asbestos industry. So it won't take much to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Here are some ways you can market your asbestos surveying company (or any other company for that matter), and stand out from everyone else:

  • Start with your network. It's the best source of new work
    Asbestos surveyors say that their biggest source of new work is Word of Mouth (62%) followed by Existing Clients (59%) and Referrals (57%). [1] – so the best way to win work may be simply to pick up the phone and call some industry pals. ☎️
  • People work with people. So market you. Not the "asbestos category".
    Asbestos is a killer, so it's a sensitive topic to market. But this leads asbestos surveying companies to spout the same "safe" messages with very little creativity. By marketing the "asbestos category", you sound like everyone else and have no hope of getting noticed. It's far better to market you and why people should work with you. Share your expertise, unique view of the world, and your personality.
  • Register on Google Business to boost your search ranking and get reviews from clients
    Google has 83% of the search engine market [2] and it highlights relevant companies based on specific searches. By registering on Google Business, you'll be included in the search results and get better exposure, so its a no-brainer. Clients can also write reviews and rate your business on your Google Business page.
  • Ask happy clients for Google reviews; it'll boost your online credibility and act as a sales signal to future prospective clients
    87% of people searching for a new product or service begin their hunt in digital channels [3]. Online reviews are a powerful sales signal during this consideration phase. If you build prospects' trust, you'll have more buy-in when they contact you. Start by registering on Google Business, then share your review form with happy customers. Could you have an internal competition to see which staff members can get the best/ most Google reviews? 📣
  • The riches are in the niches. Narrow, laser-focussed marketing will help you find the right type of clients
    Don't try to sell to everyone. Identify your Ideal Customer Profile and get on their radar with marketing that speaks to their specific problems. Being laser focussed with your marketing means you'll attract more clients. And perhaps most importantly, they'll be the type of clients you want.
  • Feeling social? Focus on LinkedIn, it's the most effective social platform for asbestos surveyors
    Surveyors say Existing Clients or Referrals are 4x more effective than Social Media for winning new work. But if you are going to use social media, LinkedIn is the best social platform for winning new work, easily outperforming Twitter and Facebook.
  • Be creative. And be you. The easiest way to make your marketing stand out is to be different.
    Don't be fooled into thinking that marketing is all about corporate language and being serious. It's not. The best marketing is playful, fun, and above all else, creative. There's a reason we splash bonkers photos of the Flow team around our website. It shows that we're humans you want to work with, not some corporate robots. And by being yourself, you'll attract clients you want to work with. And yes, I know I shouldn't end a sentence with "with" – be quiet, Grammarly, I don't know what a preposition is – but that's just who I am 😁

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