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Optimising Your Systems

In the competitive asbestos services industry, how do you go about growing your team and business, and what additional challenges will this bring?

In this guide, we'll talk about how to attract the best staff, how to kick-start company growth, and how to build the right systems to support your business as it grows.

Optimising Your Systems

Poor technology and systems can hamstring your business and stop it from growing, whereas good systems can accelerate you to the next level, So it's no surprise that technology is considered very important by 79% of asbestos service companies. [1]

But it's often hard to tell when your systems need an overhaul because "you've always done things this way". Here are some ways you can improve your systems:

  • Create specialist staff roles and "work silos" to maximise productivity
    In a small business, you wear lots of hats. You may be a surveyor one day, a floorplan designer and an administrator the next. But as you grow, switch-tasking becomes very inefficient. You can create specialist staff roles and a clear division of labour to maximise productivity.
  • Use the best tools for the job. The old way isn't always better. It's sometimes just...old
    Your asbestos reporting software may have been the best on the market ten years ago. But how about now? And what about your mobile devices and other hardware? Do they allow your surveyors to complete their work efficiently?

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