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Protecting Your Time and Work-Life Balance

We believe that staff should enjoy a healthy work-life balance. It's important to protect your time and reject "always on" work cultures, which promote toxic work habits and lead to staff burnout.

74% of asbestos professionals say they have a good work-life balance [1]. But this means different things to different people, and it depends on your personal circumstances.

For us, it means our our lead developer, David King works part time to spend more time with his young family, and that's ok. In fact, it's better than ok. It's awesome!

So we truly live these values at Flow Software Solutions. And we're really proud of that. But this isn't about us. It's about you. What does work-life balance mean to you? And what small life-affirming steps can you make to improve your life?

  • Are you travelling too much? Or demanding too much travel from your staff?
    Some companies demand more travelling and working away from home. This style of working may not be suitable for surveyors with a young family. Would working for a company with less travel demands suit your lifestyle better? On the flipside, if you run a company, what travel demands are you putting on your staff?
  • Consider your overtime. Staff at small companies (1-10 staff) are 19% more likely to work overtime
    56% of employees need to work overtime to complete their workload – that’s why systems like report writing software to get through paperwork faster, can be key to a better work-life balance. It's worth noting that staff at small companies (1-10 staff) are 19% more likely to need to work overtime. [1] – this could be because larger companies have more available resources.
  • Late nights working can cause burnout and kill staff morale. Automate or outsource tasks instead
    Time and time again I've spoken to busy surveying company owners who spend their family-time writing reports or chasing work. They're usually one step away from burnout. It's usually sign that your systems or technology are broken. See what tasks you're spending time on and try to automate or outsource them.
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