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It's a legal requirement to re-inspect properties periodically in many compliance industries. For asbestos surveys, re-inspections take place every 12 months.

When carrying out re-inspections, you don't want to have to re-key the survey information from scratch, since it will be almost identical to your previous survey.

Instead, it would be useful to copy your previous report and make a few adjustments. Fortunately, Flow has a "copy report" feature which does exactly that, and it will save you lots of time.

Locate the old survey report

Use the search feature to find the previous survey report for the property you want to re-inspect.

1. Open the Dashboard.

2. Browse to the Jobs List.

3. Search for the property address.

4. Copy the original report to the Flow clipboard.

Copy the report into a new job

1. Create a new job

With your previous survey report in the Flow clipboard, you need somewhere for it to live. So you'll need to create a new job for the re-inspection.

1. Browse to the Jobs List.

2. Click Add Job.

3. Complete the form.

4. Save the new job.

2. Copy the old report into the new job

1. Navigate to the job you just created for the re-inspection.

2. Open the clipboard.

3. Tap the Copy Here button.

4. This will create an exact copy of the old report.

Pre-site: Prepare the report

Before going to site, make any pre-site adjustments to your new report. For example, you may want to:

  • Remove images if you'll be taking fresh images on-site.
  • Delete any inspection items that aren't relevant to the re-inspection.

The copy report feature will highlight every copied inspection item for attention on the new report so it should be straightforward to work through each item methodically.

On-site: The re-inspection

With your new job scheduled and the report prepared, you're ready to carry out the on-site re-inspection. Data collection should be the same as any other inspection.

Post-site: Create the report

Now that you've finished the site work, you can finalise the report in the office. When viewing the report, select a suitable layout.

Note: Some templates like the Asbestos Survey template have a dedicated "Re-inspection Survey" layout.