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July 2022 Newsletter

Paul King
August 2, 2022

Massive Awesome Tables Make it Easy to Review Inspection Items

We believe it should be fast and painless to review surveys, even the ginormous ones!

So we've released a major update that lets the dashboard handle hundreds-of-thousands of entries. And we've added tools to make reviewing inspection records faster, including full-screen tables and table sorting.

Ooh, What's New?

New features to make data collection and reporting more effortless.

  • Massive Awesome Tables
    Faster data loading, full-screen mode, pinnable columns, sorting, and other features make it easier to review inspection records.
  • Quick-add Items
    A new shortcut lets you add items without expanding sections first.
  • Mark Items for Review
    Want to mark inspection items for further action or review? You can now manually mark (or unmark) items for review.

v.1.0.72 of the mobile app introduces:

  • Improved Image Uploads
    Significant improvements to image uploads and better error logging to help the Flow team investigate issues.
  • Save to Gallery Option
    Experiencing deja vu? That's because we previously released a Save to Gallery feature. But in this version, you can choose whether to save images to your gallery.

Is there a feature you'd like us to build?
Head over to our public roadmap to suggest a feature.

Client Feedback

Our long-time client, Ian Gregory, is already benefiting from the new dashboard tables. Ian helped to build Flow's Fire Damper Inspection reports and uses them within his company, IAQ Services.

"Today, I had a 270 damper survey, and the Flow report said I had 7 dampers with unassigned status. Just jumped on the dashboard, sorted by status, and they all popped up at the top of the list, boom sorted. Last week I would have had to trawl through 270 entries looking for the buggers.

And the 'Marked for Review' button is surprisingly my favourite new weapon."

Massive Awesome Tables 💪

Reviewing your survey reports just got way easier

You can do so much with the new tables that we've devoted an entire knowledgebase section to it - Mastering tables

Tip of the Month

You're a Flow Pro. But did you know?

Re-inspecting Properties

When re-inspecting previously surveyed properties, you can speed up data collection and reporting by copying old reports and making pre-site adjustments.

Coming Soon

More time-saving goodies are on the horizon

Featured Cover Page ⭐

Make your reports POP with a custom cover page.

Check out this rather handsome cover page we designed for Leeds Environmental. It's a wonder we managed to squeeze all their accreditations in!

Learn about our cover page design service

Thanks for helping us build the fastest reporting app for surveyors.
The Flow Mobile Team

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